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Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation does not differentiate between organisations based on caste, community or religion. .

The following guidelines are normally followed in sanctioning support: 

 Support is extended to organisations which are non-profit or not-for-profit and rendering public service in the    areas of Healthcare, Education & Research, and Social welfare.

 Requests are normally considered from organisations whose activities and beneficiaries are located within the    Greater Chennai Corporation(GCC) limits.

 The organisations should have been in existence for at least three years and have audited accounts until the last    completed financial year.

 The organisations should have maintained proper accounts, been regularly audited and have filed Income tax    returns.

 The organisations should have good governance rules and practices, appropriate management, and not be too    dependent on an individual.

 Donations are for funding projects, and not for meeting revenue expenses or deficits.

Good Governance and Due Diligence : 

Several organisations approach the Foundation for assistance. The board members of CWCF personally verify such aspects as eligibility, worthiness, track record and conformity with the Foundation’s guidelines. After scrutiny of the projects, the Board of Directors approves donations. CWCF monitors the use of funds, the benefits resulting from the donation, the progress achieved and assesses the continuing needs of the donee. Regular visits are made to centres to examine their needs before donations are recommended to the Board.

A significant feature of the Foundation is the detailed study of the needs of organisations seeking assistance, a continuous follow-up of the utilisation of the donations disbursed, and a monitoring of the benefits of the project supported by the Foundation.

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